ClassMate of the month


Name: Stef Grant
Year: 13
Age: 17 

Claim to fame?
Chairperson of Students Against Driving Drunk (SADD) 

Favourite subject?
Statistics. Accounting’s a close second 

Main goal this year?
I plan on getting as many merit and excellence credits as I can in order to gain entrance to Otago University 

Plans after you leave school?
Four years study at Otago Univer-sity as the first step to becoming a chartered accountant 

Best thing about the school?
It provides us with the opportunity to learn more about different cultures with its wide variety of nationalities 

Highlights while being chairperson of SADD
I’ve had such a fun time working with our committee of 17 and have met some really great people. The biggest highlight is knowing that by changing even just one person’s attitude we have potentially saved a life. Knowing I am helping to influence others for the better gives me great satisfaction 

Plan to carry on in leadership roles?
I’d love to somehow stay involved with SADD and look forward to joining more committees at Otago University. Wakatipu High has helped me gain leadership skills that’ll help in the future 

Where’s Wakatipu High heading?
Our school can only get stronger. I hope it’ll one day sit on new grounds with even bigger and better facilities. Until then the opportunities provided will most likely continue to grow, pushing students for better results in all areas, allowing them to reach their full potential