Classmate: Hooked on Nashville


They’re big rock singers, they’ve got golden fingers and they’re loved everywhere they go. 

And this year, Wakatipu High band The Station Agents could be on the road to musical stardom thanks to a personal invitation to Nashville by pop legends Dr Hook. 

The singers of Cover of the Rolling Stone approached the local six-piece band after they supported Dr Hook and Credence Clearwater Revisited at the Gibbston Valley Winery Summer Concert two weeks ago. 

“As we came down from the stage, we looked at them and they were bowing to us,” guitarist Michael Eden explains. 

“They came up to us and they said it’s very rare that the opening band is better than the main act. 

“We didn’t think that but it’s really nice to have a positive comment like that coming from such a high-class band.”
Michael’s dad Justin Eden, co-founder of the support group for teen musos, Rock Formation, exchanged contact details with Dr Hook following the invitation to Nashville. 

“I said to them, ‘Were you serious about it or do you just say that to everybody?’ They said ‘No, we were very serious’,” Justin says. 

The Station Agents, also comprising Molly Devine (vocals), Jack Devine (bass), Connor Williams (guitar), Alex Fraser (vocals) and Yuki Brown (drums), are predominantly a rock covers band but are thrilled at the chance of heading to the country music capital of the world. 

“Country music’s not quite our genre but that’s not to say we don’t listen to it or don’t like it,” Michael says.
“It’s a huge thing to be asked.” 

Justin says it’ll take time to work out how and when the band will head to Music City. 

“It won’t be something we’ll rush into because everybody’s at school. We’ll go there with an open mind, it’ll be another performance and we’ll see what happens.”

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