Classmate: Branching out


Branches 2010 is the ultimate peer “bonding” experience for Wakatipu High’s Year 10 students. 

From today till December 7, we’ll be thrown out of our comfort zones to a remote area on Branches Flat Station.
There we’ll be doing extreme activities like kayaking, rafting, shooting, tramping and abseiling, as well as experiencing other hardships like going without power and cell phones. My whole year group will be living together for twelve days, without any household luxuries. 

Branches Camp is a Wakatipu High tradition that started off in 1967 and has grown to have as many as 140 students attending this year’s camp. 

The excitement is definitely kicking in – it seems that all we can talk about at school is tent groups, the dreaded three-day Loch Nagar tramp and the like. 

All the fundraising, fitness training, learning to kayak in the school pool, and handing in what feels like hundreds of permission forms is finally starting to pay off in the countdown to camp. 

So, here we go. It’s finally here, Branches, and we’re ready (I think).

By Kathryn Bell