Classmate: A spellbinding performance


Senior Wakatipu High drama students are getting ready for their biggest subject assessment this year with next week’s performance of The Crucible. 

Fourteen students will take to the stage for an adaptation of Arthur Millar’s famous story of witchcraft and hysteria in 17th century America as part of their NCEA Level 3 drama classwork. 

The students, who have been busy preparing for weeks, will be assessed on their chosen roles in backstage or acting. 

Year 13 student Marcia Stewart, 17, is responsible for costume and make-up. 

“It’s a great chance to attempt a different aspect of drama and have a go,” she says. 

Marcia is trying to stick as closely to period-style costumes as possible, which requires a lot of research, she says. 

Annabel O’Brien, 18, plays Tituba and Rebecca Nurse and says The Crucible still has themes relevant to today’s society. 

“Hysteria can still threaten communities, for example, swine flu – where the news gets out and worries everyone but meanwhile people die of flu every year.” 

Drama teacher and director Kate Moetaua says: “It’s a challenging play but we have edited and adapted it to suit the students.” 

The Crucible will be performed in the drama room next Tuesday and Wednesday at 7pm. Tickets are available at the door for $10.