City shots (slideshow)


Freelance photographer BLAIR PATTINSON of Queenstown spent last weekend in Christchurch shooting a city that feels like someone’s taken to it with a wrecking ball

I arrived in Christchurch last Friday afternoon and my first impression was that the place resembled a scene from a war zone. 

It felt like someone had taken to the city with bombs or a wrecking ball. It’s just carnage. 

One thing that sticks in my mind is the abandoned tables at cafes and restaurants that had food and unfinished drinks still sitting there. 

The other thing that got me was the eerie silence of a normally bustling downtown area. 

The sense I got when I walked down the streets was of how unusually quiet it is – you’re in the middle of a city and all I could hear was my camera shutter going off. 

It’s very eerie, there’s almost a sense of doom – one street is okay and then the next is an absolute mess.