Cheeky watchdog website


An Aussie Jetstar customer peeved at treatment in Queenstown by the budget airline has set up a cheeky watchdog website – Jestar.

Filipe Lim from Melbourne claims he had an “appalling” experience in June after a morning flight to Auckland was cancelled due to low cloud in Queenstown.

He finally got to Auckland following a 24-hour delay after being bussed to Christchurch, staying overnight, then shelling out for an Air New Zealand flight next morning.

Lim created his website – motto: “If there’s a cloud in the sky, Skippy don’t fly” – after a lengthy
compensation battle.

“I set the site up for fellow airline travellers in the hope others would find it informative,” Lim says.

“The ‘Skippy don’t fly’ bit is a quote I heard from a local while travelling in NZ before the drama unfolded.”

He adds: “New Zealand is a fantastic place and I’m embarrassed that an Australian company is causing so much grief for travellers.”