Charges over mauling


A woman faces charges after two dogs mauled a Queenstown toddler last month.

The 3-year-old victim was attacked on Lake Hayes Estate and needed stitches for three leg lacerations. 

The Queenstown Lakes District Council confirmed yesterday it will prosecute the woman for being in charge of the two dogs who attacked a child and also with failing to control them.

Each of the charges carries a maximum penalty of a $3000 fine.

An order for the automatic destruction of the dogs, which are thought to be a Rottweiler and a Labrador-cross bitch, could be made if the woman is convicted on the first charge.

The toddler was rushed to Lakes District Hospital after the attack, at 4.45pm on November 4.

Police, at the time, said the boy had run away, yelling, from a barking dog, fell over and was bitten on one leg by both dogs.

The council is prosecuting the woman, under sections 57 and 53 of the Dog Control Act.

The boy’s mother, who did not want to be identified, said in a statement soon after the attack that the dogs’ owners had been kind and co-operative.

”They are distraught about what has happened,” she said.

”We hope that no-one else has to go through something like this. It’s been a ghastly experience.

”I would hate to see something like this repeated in our lovely community, and hope this sends a message to dog owners.”

It is not known whether the woman facing the charges owns the dogs.

The dogs remain impounded.