Catwalk here we come


These young Queenstown models will put their best feet forward for their first fashion show next week.

Elijah McDonald, 8, is one of only two boys who’ll be hitting the catwalk with 58 girls and women during the Ican Models show at The Winehouse and Kitchen next Wednesday night.

He’s pictured with (from left) Sophie Gibson, 11, Chali Rain-Fraser Guy, 11, Ashleigh Duthie, 10, and Haley Adamson, 7 – they’ll be modelling clothes from Rockies during their debut.

The kids have been part of Ican’s year-long modelling course.

To celebrate the course’s 10th year, the usual graduation ceremony will be replaced by Ican’s first fashion show.
“It’s great for the families to see what the kids have learned, it’s a huge confidence booster for them,” Ican boss Tracy Cameron says.

“It’s not going to be your average fashion show, it’ll be very interactive and fun, packed with lots of entertainment.”