Cat call for strays


Queenstown’s cat rescuers hope their inaugural street appeal will raise money to help control a growing number of strays. 

A group of 13 volunteers will be casing local supermarkets and The Warehouse in Frankton this weekend to ask for donations towards the new charity. 

“It’s going towards the continuing desexing, care and treatment of abandoned and stray cats,” Queenstown Cat Rescue boss Ruth de Reus says. 

Queenstown’s transient population has contributed to increasing feline numbers being neglected and abandoned – resulting in the cats becoming wild, then breeding and forming colonies. 

De Reus is aiming to raise at least $1000 this weekend to pay for two cat colonies – about 30 cats all up – to be trapped, de-sexed, fed and re-homed. 

“We also want to make people aware that there are places that people can get help to rehome their cats – not just abandon, leave or dump them,” she says. 

“That’s why the more we raise our profile, the easier it is for people to come to us to help them.”
The organisation also needs kitty litter, kitten food and milk. 

De Reus, co-boss Julia Milley and volunteers have successfully trapped and re-homed about 75 cats since they started out last October. 

Queenstown resident Kieren Flanagan and his wife Caz Vance have spent the last few weeks fostering two wild kittens for eventual re-homing. 

They’ve bought little harnesses to keep them from crawling under furniture to hide. 

“It’s been awesome,” Flanagan says. 

“They’ve become more domestic and it’s going to be hard to let them go.”