Car all fired up


The owner of this flame-engulfed Subaru hopes he won’t have to stump up for the repair of a damaged carport.

Phil Hide of Phil’s Rentals has third-party insurance on the vehicle, which was destroyed in a freak blaze in Queenstown on Monday while hired out.

Queenstowner Russell King and friend Geoff Clayton rented the $25-a-day vehicle to drive to Paradise that day – it burst into flames afterwards in their flat’s carport on Larch Hill Place.

The fire is believed to stem from an electrical fault under the dash, Hide says.

“I don’t know what happened … it’ll cost some money to fix though.

“I only had third party so the car’s done but the garage and everything should be covered.

“It wasn’t a valuable car. It’s all a bit sad but what do you do?

“As long as the insurance company comes to the party, that’ll be the main thing,” he says.