Camper’s piss-poor decision


A Queenstowner who thought he’d move his campervan to avoid getting a $200 freedom camping fine copped an $800 fine for drink-driving instead.

Members of the public called police at 12.52am on December 22 when they spotted Andres Alberto Contreras Perez, 31, driving erratically on Arthurs Point Road and crossing the centre line.

The thin blue line found him soon after, asleep in his camper.

A breath test gave a reading of 927mcg – Contreras Perez said he’d had “four beers” at a work party before driving.

Lawyer Liam Collins said Contreras Perez usually parks his campervan outside his property, but lately he’d been getting unjustified freedom camping infringement notices left on it.

He’d “clearly” had more than four beers and made the “terrible decision” to move his van to an area he could sleep in it so he wouldn’t get another $200 infringement.

In Queenstown’s court on Monday, Judge Mark Callaghan also disqualified him for 28 days and ordered him to apply for an alcohol interlock device.

Atul Kumar Mall, 27, storeman, of Frankton, was fined $1500 for driving with a breath alcohol level of 718mcg in Queenstown on December 29, his second conviction for being boozed behind the wheel.

Prosecuting sergeant Ian Collin said Mall was drinking in the Queenstown CBD then at 1.55am he got into his vehicle, parked on Memorial Street, and reversed it, hitting another vehicle and damaging both.

He didn’t hang around to survey the damage or see if anyone was hurt.

Police caught up with him at his Frankton Rd home – he told them he’d had two beers there, but had also been drinking earlier.

For drink-driving he was banned from driving for nine months and an order was made for the confiscation of his vehicle.

For failing to stop he was fined $200 and banned for nine months, while a careless driving charge was remanded to February 18 for restorative justice to be investigated.

Zane’s need for speed

A 41-year-old clocked driving at 162kmh at Omarama on November 7’s been banned from driving for six months.

Zane Thomas Adams, of Ardgowan, Waitaki, was also fined $500 by Callaghan in Queenstown’s court on Monday after admitting driving at a dangerous speed on State Highway 83.

Collin said Adams was behind the wheel of an unwarranted Alfa Romeo heading to Queenstown when a patrol car, travelling in the same direction, pinged him speeding in the 100kmh area at 1.50pm.

Callaghan says while there were “extenuating circumstances” for his speed – reasons for which were suppressed – he’s got a history of flouting the speed limits.

Sold cellphone twice

Kayne Nicholas Ranui, 29, freezing hand, of Albert Town, was given a four-month deferred sentence after selling a cellphone twice, and neglecting to refund the first purchaser the deposit.

In August Ranui advertised a Samsung phone for sale on a trading site and got a text from the victim offering to buy it for $700.

The victim paid Ranui a $350 deposit, but Ranui sold the phone to someone else for $600, blocked phone calls from the victim and didn’t repay the deposit.

Lawyer Bryony Shackell said Ranui planned to send the victim the phone, but didn’t want to put it in the post due to its value.

While contemplating that he got the offer of $600 cash, which he accepted.

Ranui’s since repaid the deposit and chucked in an extra $50 for inconvenience.