Businesses bristle over parking changes


A Queenstown CBD lobby group supports only some of the downtown carparking measures to be discussed at today’s full Queenstown council meeting.

Downtown QT opposes the removal of 15 carparks on Marine Parade, even on a trial basis, until a town centre transport strategy has been ratified.

The group’s boss, Steve Wilde, says those parks should be removed only once the council commits to replacing them in a carparking building on the fringe of the CBD.

His group is also unhappy the council gave only three days’ notice about its proposed changes. 

Downtown QT supports freeing up 60 car-park spaces in the council’s underground Church St park for public use.

Leased spaces will be moved to the privately owned Man St car-park building, also in the CBD.

Wilde says some lessees are not happy “but we’ve been advocating to have that car park opened up for visitors”.

Downtown QT also supports banning camper vans from the CBD and the grouping of car-parking spaces for better enforcement.

The group is asking the council to defer a plan to reduce 30-minute parks to a maximum of 15 minutes until it has had more time to consider the issue.