We’re freezing…our RWC tourism prices


Three Queenstown tourism businesses are taking the pledge – they’re promising not to ramp up prices for Rugby World Cup visitors. 

Luxury lodge Blanket Bay, 4WD tour operator Nomad Safaris and apartment complex Alpine Village all vow to hold existing prices until after the RWC. 

News of their price freeze comes just a week after Mountain Scene revealed 17 out of 43 Queenstown accommodation providers are promoting RWC room rates at between 10-104 per cent more than their peak February prices. 

“It’s extremely shortsighted and very disappointing to read how certain providers have inflated prices during what is normally a low-season period,” Blanket Bay boss Philip Jenkins says. 

His lodge will maintain low-season pricing until after the RWC ends in late October. 

“I believe the rugby supporter is a very savvy traveller and is waiting until they get to this country before booking side-trips to the regions,” Jenkins says. 

“Their decision will be made based on how their team is performing and on the price of flights and accommodation.” 

Hear, hear, Nomad Safaris boss David Gatward-Ferguson says, promising to delay his two-yearly price increase until after the RWC. 

“After the first RWC price-gouging stories appeared, we took the decision then to hold our prices,” he says. 

Alpine Village boss Peter Townsend, with an eye on occupancy rather than yield, will also maintain his standard rate of $220 a night for four people in a two-bedroom apartment. 

“People are smart and they shop around. I think we’ll pick up their business,” Townsend says.