Wall-to-wall fashion


Chris Skyner’s taking no prisoners.

The former Queenstown resident – best known as Good Group’s event manager - launched his own company, Authority, back in 2013 after moving to Melbourne.

In Queenstown last week Skyner, 32, says he’s about to diversify the company, which has until now been focused on clothing, to include Authority Creative, a “marketing and creative concepts” brand.

And, he has eyes on Queenstown.

Skyner was initially inspired by street art in Melbourne after moving there in 2011 and wanted to provide a wearable canvas for artists’ work.

The label took off - thanks in no small part to Skyner’s aptitude for finding random opportunities, including blagging his way into Snoop Dogg, aka Snoop Lion’s, Melbourne concert venue and leaving him t-shirts, which he later wore in a music video.

But Skyner says his focus is now more on Australian celebrities, and international brands and opportunities -including Queenstown.

“We are looking at coming here, for sure.

“We’re over here looking at possibilities … to bring the Authority stamp to Queenstown.”

He’s also been working with Rolling Stone and he’s set to appear on upcoming TV shows - one featuring winners of The Block Glasshouse, Simon and Shannon Vos, good mates of Skyner’s who “were repping Authority the whole way through”.

Artist Steen Jones’ “Hi from Bondi” mural features on Bondi Inc TV, a reality tattoo show set in Bondi Beach, airing in Australia on Tuesday – it’ll also be screened internationally, reaching about 50 million viewers.

The sky’s the limit for Skyner, who also wants to produce a music video.

“We’re gunning for it … why not?

“What I’m just really good at is looking for an opportunity and going for it.“