Two adult venues say it’s no strip contest


Bosses at Queens­town’s two adult entertainment venues aren’t too concerned about the other’s operation cramping their style. 

New adult venue Club 88, offering striptease and bar services, opened two weeks ago on Shotover Street, whilst lingerie and striptease bar Cadillac Club has been operating for more than a year. 

Club 88 has poached at least two Cadillac staffers, hiring former Cadillac manager Kate McKenzie, 21, and contracting Cadillac’s Sara Nitz as a consultant. 

Club 88 owner Adam Nagy says Nitz is helping him recruit dancers. 

“Sara’s getting our girls for us at the moment. She’s consulting for us, setting us all up. She just decided she was going to help us … we needed some help and she offered.” 

Nagy says he wouldn’t say his club is competing with Cadillac. 

“I’ve been in Cadillac Club a few times – I won’t lie. We’ll have a fulltime marketing team, a common goal. 

“Most people don’t know where they are. Our location is one of our prime things – we’re right on Shotover Street.” 

New Cadillac manager Larni Wedd says she’s not too concerned by Club 88’s arrival. 

“The town’s definitely big enough for the both of us. It’s pretty early days to be fair – we’re trading now as we were and it’s a bit better than last year. 

“I’m not sure what they’re trying to do and to be honest I’m not really that interested – I’m just worried about what we’re up to.”