Time to get app-ed for Queenstown


Queenstown’s first free iPhone application is available to download from the Apple iTunes store. 

Media company Mountain Scene, continuing its move into multi-media, has launched app 365 Queenstown – Adventure Every Day as an extension of its 365 Queenstown brand. 

Updated daily with local information, 365 Queenstown is an insider’s guide to what’s on, where to go, how to find it, as well as making sure you get the best deals in town. 

Whether you’re bungy jumping, hitting the slopes, on a romantic getaway, shopping or dining out, all the information you need can be accessed on the application. 

Maps, accommodation, tourist activities, prime nightlife spots and deals can be found at one port of call. 

Mountain Scene general manager Katrina Priest says the way people make their consumer decisions has evolved. 

“They’re using much more media than ever before, with a big surge in the use of social and mobile media,” Priest says. 

Mountain Scene can now offer advertising clients a multi-layered platform for marketing solutions via print, online, mobile, social media and email databases. 

While the application is mostly aimed at Queenstown visitors wanting local information, Priest says there’s plenty for locals and seasonal workers too. 

“The 365 Queenstown app opens up some exciting possibilities. What we’ve released is version one. We’re well on the way to adding more functionality. 

“A gigs, events and entertainment engine will be included in the next release, while open homes, let or lease and other classified opportunities are being investigated,” Priest says.

Download the 365 Queenstown app now for free