Strike a pose


QUEENSTOWN entrepreneur Tuki Huck is giving snow-lovers the chance to ‘freeze time’ in 3-D with his company’s new invention.

FREEZETiME boss Huck launched the company’s new panoramic photo booth at Coronet Peak skifield base building last week.

It uses 20 digital cameras to capture a panoramic photo/video of snowboarders or skiers as they strike a pose or jump in the air, in front of a chosen background.

In the end product, the camera appears to move around the subject, showing them from different angles, so they look frozen in time.

The clip is produced almost instantly, and can be uploaded straight to social media or taken home.

Huck went from working at Sony to winning a three-month contract with NZSki to introduce the fun invention.

“I am very excited. We had a lot of people coming through and doing some fun shots,” the Huck, 37, says.

“The main thing we are excited about is people are really happy. They do a pose and they are buzzing.”

Users can also create what Huck says are “amazing effects” for their shots using the machine.

The project was inspired by the increasing importance of social media and users wanting to be able to instantly share images online.

“This is a world first. It has never been done in this way before. There is nothing out there faster than this.

“By the time you walk out of the booth you have your preview. The fact it is self-service is a world first.

“We are thinking global. This is just the start for us.”

To use the photo booth, tickets can be bought online or a pay station is available on site.