Staff wage woes after Burrito bar closure


Queenstown’s new burrito bar appears to have closed – leaving local businesses and staff wondering if they’ll get paid. 

The Shotover Street Mexican food outlet, which opened six months ago, has been shut since Saturday and its kitchen equipment was repossessed by rental firm Silver Chef on Monday. 

Mountain Scene understands owner Justin Fitzgerald has returned to Australia, leaving suppliers and staff owed wages wondering if they’ll be left out of pocket. 

Queenstowner Georgina Cunningham, co-director of local branding firm Swordfox Design which did some work for Kartell, says: “We are owed a considerable amount. 

“We’ve been proactively working with Kartell to get the best resolution for all parties,” Cunningham says.
“It’s disappointing to learn they have closed.” 

Kartell staff say they’d been expecting contact from Fitzgerald during the past few days but haven’t heard a thing. 
They claim to be out of pocket amounts ranging between several hundred and potentially thousands of dollars. 

Fitzgerald opened the restaurant with partner Rebekah Robinson and has previously said he hoped to franchise the business. Fitzgerald did not respond to phone calls or emails.