Well-known, long-time local Ian Paterson has become the first Corporate Cabs master franchisee. There is a total of 10 Corporate Cabs in the Queenstown and Lakes District, including a van. Six of these Ian owns and employs drivers for and four have owner operators.

“I thought ten would be the maximum in this market, but it looks like we’re going to surpass that with potentially up to 14 vehicles in coming times.”

Ian, who has lived in Queenstown for 36 years, says that’s as a result of the unparalleled professionalism of the service regardless of the customer.

“No matter who the customer is, they always get treated the same whether we’re taking a local home after dinner out in town, international visitors on a tour, or dropping someone from the airport to a backpackers.”

Ian, who is a familiar face in the local community having co-managed with his wife Jude several hotels, motels and apartment complexes in the area, as well as his involvement with New Zealand Cricket and the Queenstown Events Centre, says that’s why he’s committed to Corporate Cabs.

“For a big part of my last 36 years I have been involved in the people industry and for me there is nothing more rewarding than making people happy and striving to exceed their expectations.”

“That’s what attracted me to Corporate Cabs – I liked what the brand and what it stood for, providing a professional quality transportation service at a comparable cost to other transport providers. You can’t beat the quality service, the drivers are knowledgeable and courteous, and the cars immaculate,” he says.

“What people don’t realise is that although we’ve got corporate in our name, we’re for use by anyone who values the things that we do. Anyone who hasn’t used us before would be surprised at how small the price difference between us and other companies is, but there’s simply no comparison in service.”

Ian is also hugely enthusiastic about Corporate Cabs’ new fleet car and livery, which has just been updated. The smart new Skoda Superb Corporate fleet car and new deep blue colour and style of the top light and door signs give it a fresh, more modern look.

He encourages anyone who hasn’t yet to jump into the next Corporate Cab they see and give it a try – he is positive you will never go back to another taxi company.

The growth in the Queenstown fleet hasn’t totally surprised Ian.

“There has been a significant lift in inquiries from prospective owner operators and drivers, but anyone who wants to join must be able to convince us that they are committed to providing exceptional customer service, are personable and take pride in their personal presentation,” he says.

0800 789 789 for Bookings
Ian Paterson – 021 193 0093