Solid chair trumps Formica comp


This stunning chair – made from Formica and inspired by a guitar pick – has won a prestigious competition for a Queenstown architect. 

Graham Roebeck’s (right) design took first in the professional category of the Formica Formations Design competition. 

It challenged designers to use the classic durable 70s material to create a sculptural piece of furniture. 

The ‘Beehive’ was based around the shape of a guitar pick, an egg and African water gourd. 

Roebeck, who owns local firm Structural Integrity, says: “I’m absolutely stoked. 

“It’s not so much a chair as an item of sculpture you can sit in. 

“But it is surprisingly usable. It pulls you down and you sit in it, rather than on it. 

“The prize was to have the chair made. They did a fantastic job in assembling it and finishing it.” 

The Beehive will now be displayed in an international design collection, featuring 10 Formica Laminate 
chairs designed by leading architects such as Zaha Hadid.