Skyline doubles down in Canada


Queenstown-based Skyline Enterprises is to open a second luge-riding tourist venture in Canada. 

The tourism/property company will build a 1800m-long track at Canada Olympic Park in Calgary, which was built for the 1988 Winter Olympics. 

The facility, to open in 2013, will only operate over summer, like Skyline’s other Canadian luge at Mont Tremblant, Quebec, which hosts more than 230,000 rides in a 118-day season. 

Skyline also operates luges at Rotorua, Queenstown and Singapore, but this will be its longest – Queenstown’s two tracks are half as long. 

“We see it as a fantastic site,” Skyline chief executive Jeff Staniland says. 

“It’s a well-established destination with a large local population and significant visitors, and they’ve proven with mountain biking that they can attract people over summer.” 

Staniland says the set-up cost, including a track and conveyors for carts, will be “several million dollars”. 

Skyline international luge boss Bruce Thomasen says the investment cost in winter resorts is less “due to the fact we’re utilising a winter ski lift that is not being used over the summer period”.