Serepisos’s Queenstown holiday home sale is canned


The swanky Queenstown holiday retreat owned by embattled property tycoon Terry Serepisos is no longer up for forced sale. 

The luxury Belfast Terrace home was due to be sold by mortgagee auction at the Locations Queenstown office tomorrow – but a statement released today from agent Steven Kirk says the sale has been cancelled. 

TSB Bank, which instructed the sale, has issued the formal cancellation notice, Kirk says. 

Last week Mountain Scene revealed Serepisos – The Apprentice reality TV host and Wellington Phoenix owner – denied his $1.6 million, three-bedroom, two-bathroom house was up for sale. He said he’d repaid his debt to TSB. 

“You will not see my house being on mortgagee sale next week. You’re just going to take my word for it,” he said then. 

A regular at Queenstown Winter Festival’s ball, Serepisos also told Mountain Scene last week that he doesn’t make it down to his holiday pad much.