Rod’s rocket for his critics


Rod Nielsen isn’t just putting his head above the parapet – he’s firing back at three Queenstown critics over their comments last week. 

Wayne Gore and Fred Bramwell had separate battles with Nielsen’s Sicilian Estates in 2006-07. 

Bramwell said last week he’d be “extremely wary” of doing deals with Nielsen, while Gore said Nielsen lacked ethics. 

Huh, Nielsen responds, alleging Gore failed to honour his obligations in a $9 million land sale at Lake Hayes – while Bramwell and others tried to renege on buying two sections, Nielsen claims. 

Nielsen contends he had no choice but to sue and both times “the judge found in our favour”. Want to see the verdicts, he asked Mountain Scene? 

The judgments confirm Nielsen’s side of the story. 

Gore agrees Nielsen “largely succeeded” against him in his complex claim. Bramwell and fellow purchasers, seeking a judicial decision called summary judgment, were turned down by the judge on this fast-track procedure.
They later settled out of court on buying the sections rather than face the expense of a full hearing, Bramwell says.
Nielsen’s parting crack is at Wayne McKeague, who Nielsen says should be disqualified from commenting about others because of McKeague’s 2005 conviction for downloading internet child-porn. 

Nielsen: “He needs to have a look at his own character traits.” 

Lawyer McKeague was last week speaking on behalf of his clients – the owners of 36 Nielsen-developed Heritage Villas. 

In last week’s coverage, Mountain Scene reported Gore taking legal action against Nielsen’s Sicilian Estates to collect $1m-plus. Gore says the sum was actually $620,716.