Resort’s latest stress buster


A Queenstown woman wants to help others improve their wellbeing through a new business. 

Romy Quint has started up her HeartMath service to reduce stress, pain, anger and anxiety plus will also tackle weight management, improving immune systems and sleep patterns. 

Through HeartMath – a system used in Europe and the United States – people monitor their heart rhythms and use them to counteract stressful feelings. 

“It’s a breakthrough solution that shows you how to transform emotional and mental energy into new, satisfying feelings and intelligent perceptions that thereby ease stress,” Quint says. 

Quint, originally from Holland, combines her training in neuro linguistic programming – how people perceive things – with the heart coherence monitoring to form the basis of her “life coach” service which is offered through local GPs. 

“Basically I am on a mission to improve the quality of life in general. This is a very practical and clinically proven form of coaching.”