Resort’s kitchen nightmares


It’s time to dish the dirt on the Wakatipu’s most unhygienic places to buy food.

Nine of the resort’s food premises have been slammed in reports by the health inspectors after routine inspections.

They identified a stomach-turning list of problems.

That list includes chefs preparing raw meat and salad next to each other on the same chopping board, food stored at unsafe temperatures, cooked food kept for a week, food 22 days past its ‘best before’ date, and food uncovered, stored under mouldy cardboard, or even on the floor.

Popular Ballarat Street pub Pig & Whistle was one place where raw chicken was prepared next to salad.

Owner Barry Ellis says: “It’s just dumb shit. Absolutely dumb shit.

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw that in the report.

“The guy responsible for that is no longer with us.

“But that’s not the be-all-and-end-all - it’s about having the processes in place.”

Some of the nine kitchens were filthy and owners were ordered to carry out a “deep clean”.

Two premises didn’t even have food grade sanitiser and some had “historical dirt and grime” in food storage containers.

Council regulatory boss Lee Webster says: “When we look at the total number of premises we have very few at grade C. They’re satisfactory with a C but it’s simple stuff and we follow it up to make sure we get that level of compliance.”

The nine, listed right, were each graded C - which means they meet the minimum legal standards. 

Of the 335 food premises in the Wakatipu, 260 are grade A, 61 grade B and nine grade C.