Queenstown-inspired deals site hits Auckland


The people behind a Queenstown-based daily deals website have now expanded into New Zealand’s commercial capital. 

James Alder, an ex-Mountain Scene sales consultant, and Nick Reekie launched their fast-growing bookme site into Auckland last month. 

It offers mainly tourism deals to consumers and started in Queenstown, where both Alder and Reekie formerly worked for Mountain Scene and promotions business Today and Tonight

Bookme now has branches in Rotorua and Taupo – plus Cairns, Australia, with further expansion into Queensland on the radar. 

Alder says he can’t be specific about the plans in Australia, but the Auckland push will enable them to leverage the strengths of the site’s regional reach. 

“There’s already a huge volume of Aucklanders using the site for holidays in the regions and it’s just making it more relevant for them in their daily weekly lives,” Alder says. 

“There’s a hell of a lot of things to do up in Auckland that are right up our alley – from jetboats to harbour cruises. And there’s a great big population there to do it,” he says. 

“There’s a huge opportunity to get in and build our brand and also build our product portfolio in that market.”
As for Queenstown, Alder says it’s still growing fast. 

“We’re a Queenstown business expanding nationally and internationally. 

“Our roots are very much Queenstown, our core product offering is Queenstown,” Alder says. 

Bookme, which started two years ago, now has two part-time administration staff and a newly-employed sales staffer in Auckland whilst another former Mountain Scene advertising consultant Greg Miller is the company’s Australian agent.