Publicans raise the bar


Queenstown bar owners launched a drink-wise campaign yesterday with the arresting slogan, ‘Don’t Be A Dick’.

The campaign, aimed at educating patrons on what behaviour is and isn’t acceptable, is the brainchild of the new Queenstown Alcohol Accord.

A grouping of 31 bars, the accord includes virtually all the resort’s drinking holes.

Its aim is to help minimise the impact of alcohol-related harm while still maintaining the vibrancy of the local hospitality industry.

Acord interim chairperson Mike Burgess says: “The formation of the accord is the most significant collaboration amongst Queenstown bar owners in the 14 years I have been a licensee in town.

“I see it as a really positive step forward in improving the management of alcohol in the Queenstown CBD.”

The accord will be governed by a seven-person committee which will meet quarterly with agencies such as the police, council and Public Health South.

  • Queenstown’s council this week allowed bars and restaurants in the resort’s Steamer Wharf complex to extend outdoor drinking from 10pm till midnight on a 12-month trial basis.