Taking flight: Kiwi Park's Gemma Wilson cosies up to a kea, one of the park's 23 different species


Queenstown’s Kiwi Birdlife Park’s had a brand refresh, now operating as Kiwi Park.

The park’s also under new management, with Wilson siblings, Gemma and Richard, taking the reins from their parents, park directors Paul and Sandra Wilson.

‘‘We’re still going to run it as a family business,’’ Gemma says.

‘‘But we just want to try to get it back to what it was pre-pandemic, with [a] focus of conservation at the forefront.’’

The siblings have introduced a new slogan, ‘nurture, nature, now’, to help guide the park’s
conservation activities.

‘‘We’re doing a lot of breed-to-release programs and rehabilitation,’’ Gemma says.

‘‘In a way to portray that to the public, we came up with that slogan [to communicate] we’re here to nurture our New Zealand native and endangered bird life and reptiles.’’

The park closed last month due to a flood in the souvenir shop, but Gemma says despite
the inconvenience it was a good chance to install new carpets and lights, and get the rebrand off the ground.

‘‘We thought it would be a good time to [have] a rebrand with the international borders
opening as well,’’ Gemma says.

At present, the park’s home to more than 23 species including kiwi, kea, falcons, morepork, tuatara, kaka, kakariki, whio and kereru.

Gemma says there are some exciting times ahead for Kiwi Park, and visitor numbers have
already picked up.