Our Bill says broadband benefits on way


Queenstown businesses, schools and health providers plus consumers will benefit from the introduction of ultra-fast broadband, announced today (Tuesday).

The Government’s Crown Fibre Holdings will roll out the eight-year programme in a deal with Telecom, local MP Bill English – also the deputy prime minister – says.

Six Queenstown schools, 30 healthcare providers and 570 local businesses will be connected between August this year and May 2019, as part of the Government’s $1.5 billion ultra-fast broadband initiative.

Internet speeds will be up to 10 times faster than current broadband speeds.

“Professions like accountants, lawyers and advisors will be able to offer their services from the comfort of their homes,” English says.

“Queenstown’s children will benefit from shared resources like physics and IT teachers.”

Ultra-fast broadband would also help universities provide extramural studies.

English also spells out benefits for health consumers: “There’ll be a greater ability to engage with specialists remotely, either at home or at a GP clinic, without having to travel to the main centres.”