Organic food’s an online hit


Queenstown’s only organic food store has shut its Earl Street doors and opened an internet operation instead. 

Destination Organic closed a couple of weeks ago because it “never made any money” due to the shop’s high running costs, owner Stew Burt says. 

“We were taking out quarter of a million dollars’ worth of overheads a year,” Wanaka-based Burt says. 

“If you take that out and you just operate online, you’re way ahead.” 

Burt’s lease at the Earl St store came up for renewal but he and partner Lyn Williamson decided against it. The couple will now sell dry organic goods on the internet, plus deliver fresh organic produce to Queenstowners once a week. Burt’s first week of deliveries was “way bigger than what I thought it was going to be”. 

“If they can get it delivered to their door from Wanaka for five bucks, and it arrives in a refrigerated courier – you can hardly drive into town for that. 

“Early indications show that it’s going to work quite well.”