New Queenstown bar for Prime spot


A Queenstown restaurant is adding a late-night dance bar for the 30-plus crowd. 

Prime Waterfront Restaurant will operate as a dance venue from 10pm till 1.30am, initially from Wednesday till Saturday each week. 

The idea comes from local real estate agent and former local Joe’s Garage cafe co-owner Doug Jacques, who approached Prime owners Caroline and Mark Jessop. 

“I’ve been hearing from locals and visitors alike that they’re surprised there is no true quality dance venue in Queenstown and certainly nothing offering a large dance floor,” Jacques, 54, says. 

“The challenge has been finding a large enough venue, with the right atmosphere and location, without having to spend a fortune developing it. 

“Most of Queenstown’s bar operators are going after the 18-29-year-old market leaving nothing for the 30-plus and certainly nothing for us middle-agers.” 

The Jessops set up Prime as a nightclub-style operation in 2004 but so far have only run it as a restaurant and function venue. 

Jacques says the newly-named Prime Waterfront Restaurant and Dance Bar will feature music and videos from genres including the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s mixed with pop, rock, hip hop, indie, dance and country chart-toppers. 

The initial play-list has more than 20,000 songs and videos, though guest artists and DJs will also be brought in over time. 

Wednesdays will be dedicated mainly to up-tempo country music. 

The dance bar launches next Thursday night.