New lake thrills for Queenstown


TWO radical new water activities are pitching to become the latest thrills in the adventure capital of Queenstown. 

Queenstown Hydro Attack will operate what’s understood could be the world’s first commercial tours in a stunning new state-of-the-art submersible craft.

The $130,000 Seabreacher machine, designed by a Kiwi inventor, operates like an enclosed high-powered jetski.

It allows two people to thrash along the water, dive below it and jump above – protected in a cockpit surrounded by F16-figher plane grade glass.

“It can dive to about five feet (1.5 metres) and jump its whole body length out of the water,” co-owner David Lynott says.

“We’ve been putting it through its paces in the lake in recent weeks and it certainly draws a crowd.

“Everyone wants to know what it is – they’re pretty amazed when they see it go,” Lynott says.
The joint venture by Lynott, Lee Exell and Oliver O’Neill is all signed off.

Prices for 30-minute passenger trips in the 260bhp, 80kmh machine are yet to be set.

“It’s a unique experience, something different,” Lynott says. “We’ve three on order. We might even let people drive them in future years.”

Separately, another team of entrepreneurs wants to offer high-flying jet propulsion thrills in Queenstown Bay.

Queenstown Flyboard is in the initial stages of gaining permission to run flyboard trips off St Omer Park.

The activity – which sees patrons blast into the air on water jets – was demonstrated at Winter Festival’s Day on the Bay by New Zealand distributors Flyboard X.

Queenstown Flyboard is not listed with the New Zealand Companies Office and councillors decided on Tuesday to notify the public of its application for a licence to occupy the park. The firm hasn’t yet applied for resource consent.