New business targets idle cars


The so-called Airbnb of rental cars has hit Queenstown.

MyCarYourRental, which launched in six centres in March, is a peer-to-peer service linking potential renters with the owners of cars, campervans, coaches, trucks and even trailers.

Founder and boss Henrik Stovring tells Mountain Scene he’s been working on the concept for more than a year.

Queenstown’s a no-brainer, the Denmark-born Aucklander says: “It is really obvious because you have a lot of tourists coming in.”

Locals can rent their cars during the week when they’re not using them, he says, and still use them to trek up the mountain at the weekends.

Stovring’s company takes fees for insurance and administration, leaving about 75 per cent for users – depending on the car’s value and the charge-out rate.

The company provides full insurance for the vehicles, which have to pass a certificate of fitness.

A search on the website earlier this week revealed five registered cars in Queenstown, ranging in price from $35 to $200 a day.

It’s already marketing in Queenstown, Stovring says, mainly online.

MyCarYourRental’s goal is to have 1000 cars listed by the end of the year, which should be easy considering 250 cars were listed in the first six weeks.

JUCY boss Tim Alpe says he’s not surprised the rival firm’s driving into the “shared economy” sector.

“At this stage we are watching the space with interest but have not ruled out playing in it at some point.”