New brew to tackle timber


Skyline Queenstown is launching an exclusive tap beer to acknowledge the threat of wilding pines in the Wakatipu.

Its gondola-accessed restaurant and bar will pour an XPA made by award-winning local craft brewer Altitude Brewing called The Tenacious Timber.

The beer - a cross between a traditional pale ale and an India pale ale - will be launched at the Stratosfare restaurant and bar on Otago Anniversary Day, tomorrow.

Skyline food and beverage boss Pierre Poyet says the idea of highlighting the wilding pine issue arose when they discussed developing their own beer.

“We are not brewers, and we wanted to use local craftsmanship when producing the beer.

“So we approached Altitude and worked with them to create a recipe for us that would fit our brand well, and tell the story of the wilding pines.

“Many people who come up to Skyline don’t actually know why we are trying to get rid of the [wilding] trees and we have to explain that they are destroying our native flora.

“The beer will be a good conversation starter, so we can inform more people on a daily basis.”

Skyline already runs quarterly eradication programmes to control a large area near the gondola on Bob’s Peak.

It also donates a significant amount of money to the tree-taming Wakatipu Wilding Conifer Control Group each year.

Altitude Brewing boss Eddie Gapper says The Tenacious Timber is “characterful yet approachable, with a fruity/citrus aroma and a fresh, easy-drinking palate”.

He and founder/brewer Eliott Menzies have included an Australian hop, because of Skyline’s popularity with Aussie visitors.

Gapper says the tap badge design is “a timber man that looks suitably rugged and tenacious to help bring the problem of wilding pines to life”.

“With our ‘1% for the Wakatipu’ programme already in place, it felt like a very natural fit when talking to Skyline about using the beer to help support their efforts at wilding pine control.”

Local Anton Schmitz won a competition Skyline ran to name the beer.