Miz takes online shot with innovative start-up


A Queenstown start-up company has created an innovative online business involving fashion, photography, social media and locals. 

QShot is the brainchild of long-time Queenstown man Miz Watanabe, an experienced commercial photographer originally from Japan. 

The website combines fashion and advertising to promote businesses in a unique way, using photography to spread a message instead of text. 

Watanabe and marketing executive Gemma Linforth use local models for the fashion shoots in familiar Queenstown settings. 

Viewers can click products displayed in the photo for more details. 

One photo is uploaded daily to the QShot website and shared across social media channels – 64 per cent of 
QShot’s referral traffic comes from hugely-popular social networking site Facebook. 

“Queenstown’s a very fashionable, international place. I want to show Queenstown in a more creative way,” Watanabe says. 

Linforth says they want QShot’s photo scenes to be recreated by others and posted on Facebook. 

“We like to create intriguing images so people are asking, ‘What’s going on, why are they there?’ and ‘I want to do that’,” Linforth says. 

“Our aim is to bring people back into Queens-town,” Linforth adds. 

“It doesn’t matter if you’ve been here six months or 16 years, you might have missed something in Queenstown that you discover in one of our photos.”