Lawyers snap up system


A Queenstown-developed software system for law firms is winning converts throughout New Zealand. 

ActionStep is now used in almost 50 law offices throughout the country, since first being established in Queenstown in 2005 by local lawyers Mike Holloway and Russell Mawhinney. 

Along with ActionStep founder Ted Jordan, Holloway streamlined the system for legal use and started AS Legal Systems in 2008. 

One of ActionStep’s newest fans is well-known local lawyer Graeme Todd, who left large firm Mactodd to go out on his own in April. 

“I was keen to move away from the expensive and limited [computer] technology of the past,” Todd says. 

ActionStep uses ‘cloud computing’ and runs entirely on the internet, eliminating server technology. 

“It’s more efficient, less expensive and more comprehensive than old-style software,” Todd believes. 

Todd even plans to let his clients access ActionStep to view – but not alter – their own files, including correspondence, emails, file notes and time records held by the law firm about their affairs. 

“Clients should have full and unrestricted proprietary interest in their files,” Todd believes. 

“Such access will offer a new transparency,” he adds.