Innovative new home help service


An Englishman who’s started a house- and pet-sitting service believes it will work well in Queenstown. 

Andy Peck – who established Trusted­House­ 15 months ago – is offering the service to Queens­town home and pet owners free of charge. 

People going away can choose a house-sitter and/or pet-sitter from his website, which has a specific Queenstown page. 

Peck says most of the time no money changes hands: “The home owner gets their place looked after and a house sitter gets somewhere to stay.” 

Having your home looked after while you’re away means issues like burst pipes, which are common in this area, can be dealt with, Peck says. 

“If you put pets in kennels, that’s fine, but some people prefer not to – also, if you’ve got chickens, you can’t put them in kennels.” 

Peck adds that house-sitting reduces the risk of burglary when you’re away, and having someone in your home means money keeps being spent in the local economy. 

Peck has visited Queenstown several times and lived here for six months in 2002.