Going gay pays off in Queenstown


Gay Ski Week Queens­town is off to a promising start for some businesses, welcoming the influx of people – and pink dollars. 

Browns ski shop manager Paul ‘Haggis’ Vaitkus says more people are around. 

“Definitely seeing an increase in rentals, though this year has been so unpredictable.” 

Outside Sports manager Neil Proctor says they’ve also noticed an increase in rentals. 

Event organiser Sally Whitewoods, expecting 1000 Gay Ski Week visitors, says it’s been successful so far. 

Tickets for most events are selling well, with many selling out. 

Queenstown bar baron Mike Burgess, whose The Ballarat Trading Co hosted last Saturday’s opening party, says business has been good. 

“People were out having fun on Saturday night – almost too much of a good time. I’d like to think it’s going to continue.” 

Not all retailers are seeing a customer increase. 

Koha souvenir shop employee Ivonne Leon says they haven’t seen a boost in trade, despite offering a special Gay Ski Week discount. 

“Maybe at the end (of the week) it’ll be different. Maybe shopping is a last-day activity,” she says.

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