Genie out of the bottle stateside


A Queenstown runaway crowd-funding success is making inroads into the US market and has moved to new offices in Auckland. 

Syrp Ltd – which designs motion control camera accessories – has appointed respected consultants Inovanti, LCC as its US sales team. 

The firm raised capital to create its Genie camera accessory in 2012 through crowd-funding website Kickstarter – which allows anyone to pledge money towards start-up projects. 

Setting a goal of $150,000, the then-Queenstown design firm was pledged $250,000 in one week and the total eventually surpassed $700,000. 

Syrp director Ben Ryan says: “We couldn’t be happier to be partnering with Inovanti. 

“Their industry experience and knowledge about photography and video will be a great asset to our brand.” 

The partnership coincides with the set-up of a new warehouse in Philadelphia which will manage fulfilment of Syrp products directly in the US, drastically cutting delivery times. 

“We are really excited to bring the Genie and other Syrp products into the hands of more and more film-makers and photographers throughout the USA and be able to enhance our service by providing dealers with a direct point of contact in the USA,” Ryan says. 

The firm has also up-scaled from its small studio in Glenda Drive, Frankton, to a 250 square metre design studio in Auckland. 

“The facility will allow us to employ additional expertise in software, design and engineering that will handle all R&D of new products as well as marketing and customer service.” 

Genie, which went on the market in March 2013, attaches to any digital camera and allows for motion control such as panning on time-lapse photography. It costs about $1000. 

New products include the Magic Carpet Slider, which allows for smoother tracking shots.