Games’ TV boost will pump Queenstown’s profile – Klap


There’s been a quantum leap in marketing and TV production costs for these Winter Games.

“It would be a lot easier to break even and not spend anything on marketing and TV and have a great event that no one knows anything about but we’re looking to improve our profile,” Games boss Arthur Klap (pictured) says.

The cost of TV production and distribution has risen from $320,000 last time to $900,000.

Organisers have brought in global company IMG to distribute a daily 30-minute TV package to at least 36 broadcasters potentially reaching almost a billion viewers.

“If we get half a per cent of that, it’s a phenomenal reach,” Klap says.

“We’re concentrating on New Zealand’s key tourism destinations so we want to be strong in Australia, China, Japan, Korea, the States.”

Games chairman Sir Eion Edgar adds: “It’s raising the profile of winter sport in NZ and proving that NZ’s a wonderful place to come in the winter as well as the summer.”

This year’s Games budget is about $4.5 million, up from $3.2m for the first Games in 2009 and the $3.9m in 2011.

“We’re injecting most of the extra money into the marketing and television – we need to have that international presence and we need a bigger profile in NZ,” Klap says.

The Government has increased its grant from the Major Events Development Fund from $750,000 to $1m and Sport NZ’s contribution has doubled from $250,000 to $500,000.

Klap: “For the first time the Government’s starting to see the long-term importance of the event.”

German car company Audi has also come aboard as naming sponsor.

“Essentially, what the Audi partnership has done is enable us to do that marketing – it hasn’t helped us raise our bottom line, it’s helped us raise our profile,” Klap says.

“It’s enabled us to have free-to-air television, it’s enabled us to get radio stations onboard.”

TV3 will beam reports from the Games during its 6 o’clock news for six nights. The event’s also being promoted on TV, radio and in Reading Cinemas around the country.

Klap: “Of the people who come specifically to be part of the experience, the bulk of them will be domestic travellers with some out of Australia because we’ve been to the Brisbane Snow Show and things like that, promoting the Games.”

Edgar says they hope to get about $100,000 back from TV broadcasters – not much compared with the $900,000 in TV production costs but a ten-fold increase on last time, he says.

Watch events on TV3

11.15pm-11.45pm, Friday, August 16 – Cross-country sprint, freeski halfpipe qualifiers and opening ceremony

5.30pm-6pm, Saturday, August 17 – Freeski halfpipe finals

5.30pm-6pm, Sunday, August 18 – Alpine GS men and snowboard slopestyle qualifying

11.15pm-11.45pm, Monday, August 19 – Snowboard slopestyle finals

11.15pm-11.45pm, Tuesday, August 20 – Alpine GS women

11.15pm-11.45pm, Wednesday, August 21 – Alpine slalolm men and women

11.15pm-11.45pm, Thursday, August 22 – Snowboard halfpipe qualifiers and adaptive alpine slalom (day 1)

11.15pm-11.45pm, Friday, August 23 – Freeski slopestyle qualifiers and adaptive alpine slalom (day 2)

5.30pm-6pm, Saturday, August 24 – Snowboard halfpipe finals

5.30pm-6pm, Sunday, August 25 – Freeski slopestyle finals

Budget boost

2009: $3.2m

2011: $3.9m

2013: $4.2m