New partner: Fraser Carson, left, has become a business partner of Perky's owner Max Perkins


Hard work has paid off for long-time Perky’s bartender Fraser Carson.

Arriving in Queenstown in 2016 as a Scottish backpacker, Carson didn’t, at first, expect
to become part-owner of Perky’s Floating Bar, but as of this month, that’s exactly what
he is.

‘‘It [is] amazing.

‘‘Queenstown’s a hard place to get off the ground, I’ve been working really hard at it over the last few years,’’ Carson says.

His boss-turned-business partner, Max Perkins, says Carson’s ‘‘proved himself over and over again … and is one of the hardest-working people I’ve met’’.

Carson originally left Queenstown to go back to Scotland, first stopping by Perky’s for a beer.

But after returning home, he missed Queenstown and booked a flight back with six weeks left on his working holiday visa unless he got sponsored.

When he saw Perky’s was hiring, he literally ran from Fernhill to apply, with little to no experience.

‘‘I kind of came down all guns blazing and I was very honest, I was like, ‘I don’t have
this, I don’t have that, but what I will do is I will work hard for you’.’’

He’s had a few beers to celebrate the new gig, but will be ‘‘head down’’ from this point to build some momentum within the business, last year named a finalist in Hospitality New Zealand’s ‘best destination venue’.

‘‘We’ve got like a real good business model, if we can make a real success of it now, with
the opportunities of the border reopening, then we’d like to maybe replicate it  somewhere else around the country.’’