Forecaster says snow is still two weeks off


Southern Lakes skifields are unlikely to open for the season for another fortnight, a local meteorologist predicts. 

David Crow forecasts warmer-than-normal temperatures caused by a La Nina pattern will continue throughout most of June before winter properly arrives in July. 

However there are some cooler temperatures heading this way – a southeasterly bringing light snow to 800 metres tomorrow night and southwesterly airstreams next week. 

But they won’t bring much snow, Crow says. 

“It won’t be enough to start the ski season, I can guarantee you that. [Friday’s front] will clear fairly quickly, but the following few days might just be cool enough for them to make snow next week. 

“But I can’t really see skiing starting up for a week or two yet, I’m sorry.” 

As for Winter Festival, which kicks off on June 24, Crow says he’s got his fingers crossed about plenty of snow arriving in time. 

“I’m just not too sure about Winter Fest at this stage. There’ll be snow on the mountains by then but I don’t know if there’ll be enough for holding the events and skiing.” 

Festival director Simon Green says he’s not concerned about weather at this stage, given that most of the events are held downtown – and he has “contingency plans for everything”. 

“It will be a huge party regardless. The weather will come when the weather will come. There’s nothing we can do about it,” he says. 

“We all want the snow. It’s not just about Winter Festival, it’s about the town. Everyone has a vested interest in it coming.”