Ex-QAC staffer wins $5500 bonus


The Employment Relations Authority has ordered a Queenstown property management company to pay a former employee $5490 in bonus incentives. 

The ETA – in a decision released this month – finds that former property manager Ross McFarlane is owed that amount by Queenstown Accom­modation Centre Ltd. 

However, the ERA rejects McFarlane’s claim that was he constructively dismissed. 

The decision notes McFarlane had received a written warning onNovember 17 last year, over his record-keeping, punctuality and “general attitude”. 

“Because Mr Mc­Farlane’s resignation was not caused by the warnings it cannot give rise to a valid constructive dismissal personal grievance,” ERA member Philip Cheyne states. 

McFarlane worked for QAC for 12 months before he resigned in February this year. 

QAC gave him a $510 bonus payment when he left. 

But McFarlane successfully argued that QAC also owed him another $5490 for meeting property portfolio and rental income bonus targets. 

“I find that Mr McFarlane met the targets for entitlement to the maximum bonus payments,” Cheyne states.