Downtown gym suddenly shuts up shop


One of Queenstown’s two downtown gyms has suddenly closed its doors. 

Pulse Fitness shut up shop today (Thursday). Members who turned up for a work-out at the Church Street gym were greeted by a closed door and “Do not enter” notice. 

Pulse Fitness director Holly Cuthbert also emailed members to say she is closing with “great regret”. 

“I have tried everything to make it work but in the end it was just not viable. The decision to remain open was unfortunately taken out of my hands.” 

Cuthbert’s email also says she’s negotiated a deal with rival downtown operator Queenstown Gym so Pulse Fitness members are not left in the lurch. 

“All fully paid-up Pulse members will receive one month’s free membership plus if you join up with Queenstown Gym you will have the remaining part of your Pulse membership honoured. I hope you can understand this is the best I can do under the circumstances,” Cuthbert writes. 

“Payment Plan members can have a membership with Queenstown Gym at the same rate as their existing Pulse membership,” she says, before urging Pulse members to stop any automatic payments to Pulse immediately. 

“Thank you to all my loyal members – I sincerely enjoyed my six years in the gym with you all. I hope you will take Queenstown Gym’s offer and continue to support a local business.” 

About 18 months ago Queenstown Gym co-owner Sarah Kerby predicted in Mountain Scene that one of the gyms would be forced to close once council-owned Lakes Leisure allowed a gym to set up at the Alpine
Aqualand swimming pool facility at Frankton. 

At the time, Lakes Leisure stated it would charge market rates but facilities boss Cam Sheppard conceded it would offer a special discount for combined pool-and-gym access. 

Then-councillor Vanessa van Uden – now the mayor – shared the concerns of the privately-run gyms: “We’re allowing LL to use it to set up in opposition to ratepayers. 

“That’s wrong.”