Design duo wind back their clocks


Two old design classmates have reunited after 20 years and 20,000km to become workmates in Queenstown.
In an uncanny twist of fate, Paul Green joins Tim Buckley at Buckley’s local creative firm Fluid Visual Communications.

The two graphic designers, both from the United Kingdom, studied together at Medway College of Art in Rochester, Kent in the late 1980s.

They each moved to New Zealand in the 1990s but it wasn’t till a year ago they re-established contact via email.

Green, who’d based himself in Auckland with his own design business, then responded to a senior designer vacancy Buckley advertised a couple of months ago.

“I was ready to start making new connections and fire off other people as part of a group again,” Green explains.
“It’s a 20-year hiatus but here we are. It’s one of those curveballs that life throws at you.”

The men, who sat beside each other in class, remember they were two very different design students with contrasting approaches to study.

“Of all of the class that went through that year, I thought Tim would be the most unlikely to be still practising as a designer,” says Green, who jokingly admits he was a “diligent, boring” student.

“Tim was definitely there to have a good time, but having said that when the heat was on he was one of those people that really got down to it and worked really hard.”

Buckley: “We were moving in the same circles but I wasn’t taking it as seriously as Paul was.

“But he was always up for a few beers.

“We certainly didn’t share the same barber, put it that way. Paul’s been pretty clean-cut since day one.”

Both men stand firm on the other’s professional approach.

“We’re from the same background, which was appealing to me when Paul put his hand up for the job,” Buckley says.

“There’re a lot of [similarities] around our work ethic and delivery … the important aspects of understanding the job.

“We’ve both seen software evolve, we’ve seen the industry change, and we’ve seen the web emerge.”