Copthorne Hotel requires strengthening


Work is underway to correct a lean on Queenstown’s 241-room Copthorne Hotel. 

Building movement has been found during refurbishment of its oldest accommodation block. 

“When builders were stripping rooms they noticed there’d been movement in the building,” hotel chain operations boss Matt Taplin says. 

“While it’s annoying, it’s one of those things that you probably encounter reasonably often at major building works.” 

Taplin’s still waiting for an engineering report but says some areas will require strengthening. 

It’s disappointing repairs will delay refurb-ishment of the 51-room block by a month or two, he says.
He’s confident it’ll be ready for the Rugby World Cup in September. 

It’s understood the problem could be foundation settlement, caused by shifting or compacting of the ground. 

The block is closest to the lake and has access off a steep part of Adelaide Street. 

Copthorne Queenstown general manager Robert Oakes adds: “I think back in the ’80s they had some work on stopping the building slumping.” 

The block was built in 1971.