Coddington off to create global brand’


The boss of Queenstown’s skifield operator has quit to pursue his own business interests and create a “global brand”. 

NZSki chief executive James Coddington announced his resignation to staff last Friday. 

The 39-year-old won’t reveal what his new business entails but says he’s working with two people with global experience in creating big brands. 

“We’re working very hard to redefine many of the traditional business rules and are coming up with new ways of connecting with people around the world,” he says, adding the product will launch in November. 

Coddington says the decision to leave the top job after six years was very difficult, because of the culture within NZSki. 

“But to be true to my values and my philosophies it’s time for me to step outside of my comfort zone and challenge myself in a new industry, and pursue a deep personal desire to create a world-leading brand built 
around iconic New Zealand values.” 

Coddington, who began his tenure with NZSki in 2007 after six years at the helm of The Vetservice Group, says he originally committed five years. 

“I love working for NZSki and am very proud of what we’ve achieved. It’s a very hard company to leave.” 

His biggest achievement as leader is the professional growth of NZSki staff and helping to develop the company culture, Coddington says. 

“We have created a culture where learning is second-nature, we strive for excellence in everything we do, and we’re all connected by our strong belief that we can and will lead the world in what we do. 

“This culture has been created by everyone at NZSki and I know it’ll continue to grow and develop positively in the coming years, well after I’ve left the building.” 

NZSki board chairman John Davies says Coddington leaves on the best of terms. 

“While we’re extremely sorry to see him go, we always knew that he would work to a timeframe of leading us through a period of major growth and development, and he has certainly delivered on all fronts. 

“The board of NZSki wishes him all the best in his future endeavours.” 

Coddington’s last day with NZSki will be May 24, before the mountains open for the season.