Business going batty for Pink Fit


Business is going through the roof for Queenstown-based Pink Batts installer Brendan Armstrong (right) since the Government’s increased home-insulation subsidy kicked in on July 1.

The one-third subsidy for retro-fitting ceiling and underfloor insulation on pre-2000 homes has been lifted to $1300 – community services cardholders get up to 60 per cent off the cost.

Armstrong’s Pink Fit firm, the only locally based Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority-approved supplier in the $323 million Warm Up NZ: Heat Smart programme, has retroinsulated six Wakatipu houses in the past fortnight and has boosted staff numbers to seven, including Armstrong and business partner Shelley Wild.

Last week alone the firm was faxed 124 homeowner leads via Central Otago and Southland merchants.
Armstrong says he hasn’t had a day off since early last month.