Blow it in the bar


Queenstowner Borisz Egri (pictured) and business partner Josh Begley hope to install 15 breathalysers in local bars so drinkers can check if they’re safe to get behind the wheel. 

The machines have been set to the same standards used by official police breath-testing devices, he says. 

“It’s your last chance before you get into a car to make sure you’re not too drunk to drive – and if you are too drunk, hand your keys over,” Egri says. “Police have said it was a brilliant idea.” 

Queenstown police sergeant Brian Cameron says while the machines are a good idea, they aren’t the same as 
official police breath-testing devices and don’t have any legal standing in court. 

Four local watering holes have installed the machines and Egri and Begley are looking for more takers. Pubs get the machines free and take 25 per cent of the $2 fee. 

Egri hopes the idea will benefit the community as well as making money.