Big brother for bouncers


A secret website for doormen is keeping drunks from Queenstown bars.

Vinyl Underground general manager Matt Bennell set up the social media group Queenstown Security Monitoring (QSM) last August.

It now has 186 members.

Doormen warn each other of potential troublemakers - with messages popping up on their smart phones.

“It’s been known to completely end people’s nights,” Bennell says.

A person barred from one drinking hole can find themselves blocked from others.

Alongside ‘bar safe radio’, the group’s also been used to track crims.

Bennell: “It’s worked wonders in cases like people climbing over roofs, assaults and thefts.”

QSM came to light at a liquor licensing hearing last week - at which the council suggested it has been used to try and foil a police sting.

Bennell says whether it was part of a police operation or not is beside the point.

The majority of posts about underagers have nothing to do with police operations, he says.

“The intention of QSM is to work with the police, not against.”

Mountain Scene asked liquor licensing sergeant Linda Stevens for her opinion of QSM - but she didn’t respond by deadline.

Earlier this month, 31 Queenstown bars launched the ‘Don’t Be A Dick’ campaign to improve patrons’ behaviour.